28.10.2008 23:17:22: Emma (buce2681@gordonstoun.org.uk) elgin, scotland
I have been searching the internet on information on yves
klein and came across this. it does not necesserally talk about
himself or the meaning of the work itself but gives a great overall
impression of the works.

i have been doing a study in the international klein blue and am
really interested in the Monotone - Silence - Symphony. I have greate
appreciation for art and music also and i wish i was able to witness
such a genious piece of art.

Thankyou for being such a great inspiration for artists today.

02.02.2008 19:32:01: Lara Sargologo (laram68@yahoo.com) NY
I was very happy to see a painting of Yves Klein at MOMA
(Museum of Modern Arts) in NY. My Dad worked with him briefly and I
look for his name (Yves Klein) whenever I am in a museum or am looking
through a book.

15.06.2007 21:45:54: Frans Oomen (f.oomen@chello.nl) Amsterdam
The Yves Klein website looks very good! My compliments.
I like to ask you a favour: Iam looking for the cataloque of Yves Klein (Yves Klein, Monochrome und Feuer : Krefeld 1961, Haus Lange Krefeld). I have already the 3 prints, but I want to make the set complete! It drives me mad not to have the set complete! Do you think you can get the cataloque somewhere? Any tips?
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Frans Oomen

18.02.2006 23:09:54: Jodi (jodi@mailite.com) jodi@mailite.com Jodi
this design is so cool greatjob

07.04.2005 22:42:06: jerome
L'exposition Klein a Bilbao est vraiment extraordinaire, une oeuvre d'un genie dans un lieu magique. Si vous le pouvez prennez vite l'avion

14.01.2003 14:52:57: Ernö Kiss (ernoe.kiss@arcor.de) www.kissbros.de (just infosite) Germany
Please notice a project on Vinyl (1LP)made by Yves Klein and Charles Wilp 1959, at moment placed at E-bay, the Link is: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=19495&item=2500884676 take a look to that "Zero"-Project,signated original by Charles Wilp 1961, one year before Yves Klein died. kind regards ernö

03.01.2003 10:05:36: Francesca (fradurant@hotmail.com) Italy
Questo sito è sto un'autentica sorprersa!E' molto interessante e originale.

02.11.2002 17:02:42: bianca nixdorf (binixbom@yahoo.co.in) india
the blue dream the blue world.the blue illusion.the blue O the blue GOd.KRISHNA. oh yves.i miss you.no more great art around.all egoji. lets do it together again.i meet you in my dream tonight.up the moon.at the milkyway we having chai and PEACE. OM.SHANTI.love.bianca

02.11.2002 14:06:22: Maud France
Hi !! Thank you very much for this great site !! I love it, I love every picture ! Thanks ! :) Keep on this great job !

8/26/2002 12:02:52 AM: J. Bernard (lagalerie@aol.com) Miami
Looking for art and artists influenced or who have done hommage works to Yves Klein as well as thesis or other studies on the subject Please forward to my email address Dead line Dec.2002 Thank you all And Best "Blue Regards"

5/17/2002 1:18:48 PM: purple (purplehazeus@netscape.net) Columbus, Ohio. U.S.
This is one of the best websites I've ever seen. You did an amazing job. I can't read some of it, but I'm sure it's equally impressive.

5/17/2002 1:18:15 PM: Alanna Smith (purplehazeus@netscape.net) Columbus, Ohio. U.S.
This is one of the best websites I've ever seen. You did an amazing job. I can't read some of it, but I'm sure it's equally impressive.

11/27/99 7:32:17 PM: Francois Sargologo France
Hi! Lara this is big brother, funny to come across your message. I have the book you are looking for, just remind me before Mathias comes over to visit.XXX Chacha

09/11/99 5:12:32 AM: Kevin C Canada
hi how are you and i really like your page it is very interesting anyway im a canadian artist and i like to do more mathmatical art useing equations to do paintings i wonder if you can help ? mailto:othello65@hotmail.com once again i like your site !!!! keep up the good work

10/18/00 9:44:45 PM: Matthew Wittman (nannystate@hotmail.com) England I am extatic to find a site extolling minimalism

07/24/99 6:13:43 PM: Jeffrey Collins (collinsclan@sprintmail.com) www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stadium/1429/ Ohio, USA
Bravo for an amazing site...Dedicated to the most extreme of all artists. I believe if Klein were able to see your site he would commend you for it. Keep up the great work.

07/21/99 12:23:32 AM: Almut Hannover
I love Yves Klein. If you can give me any intresting Informations about him, like interesting books or anything else, please call me.0172/7055231

05/18/99 03:56:16 PM: Lara Sargologo New York, USA
Hi! I was browsing through the web looking for things on Yves Klein. Do you know where I can find things on his work with architests and other artists? My father worked with him back in Paris and I would like to find out more about him. You can email me at Lara@Big105.com Thanks."

03/03/99 6:39:42 AM: Håkan Bull Stockholm, Sweden
Hi! I´m an artist from sweden who are a great fan of Yves. I have a e-mail adress at my gallerist in Stockholm. adress: hakan.bull@wiberg.com In march I´m participaiting in an artexibition at Galerie Alex Wiberg in Stockoholm, with a collage/mixtmedia-work wich is a parphrese-mix on Kleins Spongereliefs, Jasper Johans "Target with 4 faces", Smithsons "Spiral Jetty and the "boxes" by Joseph Cornell. Please join the exipition on the gallerys homepage: www.wibwer.com (the exipition starts 19,03.98.) By, by from Bull

09/11/98 3:25:51 PM: Werner Ruhnau Essen, Kettwig
Hi! Ich bin der Architekt, der Yves Klein nach Deutschland geholt, mit ihm das Theater der Leere, die Partei der Blauen Patrioten, die Klimatisierung des Raumes, die blauen Bilder, die Schwammreliefs im Musiktheater und vieles andere in die Welt gebracht hat.

08/15/98 1:14:39 AM: Yves AMU Klein (yklein@netzone.com) www.netzone.com/~yklein Scottsdale
Looks very nice!... yves.

02/21/98 8:23:11 AM: nue krankengut austria
Has he really signed the back of the sky? I've lived, therefore I live!

05/01/98 4:51:09 PM: Serena (lacarrar@tin.it) italy
Hi! I'm trying to find material about Yves Klein and his relations with anthroposophy. I'd like to make a thesis about influences that this esoteric and philosophic moviment had on his art. It is right to ask you, if you have some informations or documents about this?(It's my first research on Internet and also the beginning of my thesis.... Thank you Serena

01/02/98 9:44:45 AM: Christopher Sancomb Carbondale Il
I am researching art that focuses on the millenium. I have read a bit about Le Fura and want to get more? any help would be appreciated. No E mail yet but soon. Will call back with address. Thanks.Hi!

12/04/97 7:36:00 PM: Purves (scockrell@earthlink.net) home.earthlink.net/~scockrell/index.htm
: I am intrigued with your site. My own interests are in conceptual and performance based art and artists books. My own page (above) contains some hypertext writings and publications on these subjects. Do you investigate the work of Stanley Brouwn? Currently I am writing a paper on herman de vries, which should be posted soon.

11/13/97 2:21:06 PM: Mark V (fluxusboy@hotmail.com) www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/6650
About two years ago, while living in Seattle, I was planning to write a book about Klein. As the project progressed, the idea of a tangible text appealed less and less, seemed almost inappropriate. I finally settled on an immaterial text entitled: _Apres/au dela du vide: Hommage a Yves Klein_ (forgive the missing accents) The Seattle Public Library system agreed acquired it for their collection. I did, though, have to write a site-specific preface for the piece. The "preface", under which they mistakenly cataloged the text, is "Preface, Postface... Efface" Best wishes Mark V 13 November 1997

10/24/97 3:18:56 AM: F.M.K. Sijbenga (frank@philos.rug.nl)
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form! Realise pure integration of body and space through re-climatising oxigen in IKB in gasious form. Run naked! Scream! JUMP! Become zero, blue, red, gold. Become the fire at the heart of emptiness. Express yor body as a round moon-shape (Nagarjuna). Humilite, humilite, humilite, humilite, humilite, humilite, humilite. Statement: OPEN THE KINGDOM